private tour or photo stroll (3 hours)

My First Day in Saint Petersburg

/ all you need to know about the city:
main attractions and best views /

It is a perfect example of a welcome city stroll for those who come to St.Petersburg for the first time or have a very limited schedule but want to discover all the main attractions.
We'll see and take photos of you and the following attractions:

- The Palace square with Alexander's column and Winter Palace
- Palace Bridge
- Church of the Savior on Spilt blood
- Fields of Mars (Marsovo Pole) and St Michael's Castle
- Admiralty and the arrow of Vasiliev Island
- Summer Garden
- St Isaak Cathedral

Also we will walk along Nevsky avenue (Nevsky prospect) and cross the bridges over Moika river, Fontanka river and Griboedov Channel.

You'll see the most famous buildings and panoramic views in the city. If you wish I'll include the lesser known spots: cafes and anticafes in the hidden yards, roofs and former mansions now transformed in hip hang out locations.

It may be either a walking tour or a car/mini bus tour (I work with professional drivers on comfortable modern vehicles)

I’m also a professional photographer.
If you choose a photostroll I will bring my camera to capture you with the backdrop of the best city views. That way you don’t need to worry about carrying a heavy camera. You’ll have great pictures to bring home and show to your friends and family.

Multiple day itinerary - read here

Please read my recommendations on how to get ready for your tour or photo stroll
in St Petersburg.

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Pricing for a 3-hour tour:

For 1-2 people - 90 €
For 3-6 people -120€
For 7-9 people - 160€
For 10-13 persons-220€