private tour

Faberge museum
in Shuvalov Palace

/ Fontanka Embankment, 21/

- Faberge Easter eggs
- Largest collection of intricate Russian enameled pieces
- History and interiors of The Shuvalov Palace

(about 1,5 h)
During the tour you will find out:
- what it takes to become an official supplier of the Romanov court
- which Faberge items were the most popular
- who could afford Faberge pieces
- the difference between champlevé and cloisonné enamels
- how many enamel colors were created by Faberge masters

You will see:
- A palace where several noble families lived in 18-19 centuries
- Ceremonial interiors with original details
- Silverware of 18 - 19 centuries
- The largest private egg collection in the world (13 pieces)
- Trinkets, haberdashery and interior decoration pieces made by Faberge craftsmen
- The richest and largest collection of enamels made by Russian artisans

Museum opening hours:
daily 10:00 - 21:00
Possible VIP entry before/after opening hours
(for conditions and availability contact Natalia)
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Private tour with a licensed guide:

For 1-4 persons - 5000 rub + entry tickets (1000 rub per person)
For 5 and more people- 1800 rub per person (including tickets)